Ways to Motivate Your Child

Who does not crave for attention, rewards, appreciations and little doses of encouragements that help to move forward more affectedly? So if you think your child is not putting all his efforts in the studies or other curriculum activities then before confronting him first check out on your behaviour whether you are providing him with enough motivation to do better or not. Children love their parents’ attention and even if they are receiving the appreciation from teachers or by fellows in school, still they want their parents to encourage them and to recognize them. Follow these simple tips in order to motivate your child.

  1. Avoid Comparing Your Kid with Fellow Kids

People usually think that comparing the kid with his fellows or friends who you think are doing better will help which is utterly wrong and actually works more as a demotivator. Every kid has his own potential and interests so don’t ask your children to follow anyone else but encourage what they are doing and by appreciating them you can motivate them to do even better. Like If your kid likes to paint and give more time to art activities then ask him to score better in other subjects too and you will give him a brand new painting brush set, rather than telling him the names of those friends who score better in science or math.

  1. Help them to Boost Their Self Esteem

Try to involve the kids in daily routine work since childhood and never think they are experienced enough to do anything perfectly. Perfection takes time and practice. Enhance their self-esteem by showing that you depend on them to complete certain things like cleaning, cooking, washing etc. This will create a sense of responsibility in the kids and they will be motivated to put the best they can in every field.

  1. Appreciate Your Kid In front Of Others

Encouraging the child at home does matter but telling others that how good your child is, in front of your child, can motivate him to do better. Children care about their self-image a lot so they tend to increase their efforts, if parents appreciate them in front of others, in order to maintain their self-image.

  1. Brace Your Kid with Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard is a very important term given by a famous psychologist Carl Roger to promote successful parenting.

It says that you should always love your child without putting any condition and if the child is not doing what you want him to do then don’t bluntly say ‘Oh you are a bad boy, I don’t like you’ instead tell him that overall he is a very good boy but there is a particular thing he does which you don’t like. Giving your child an unconditional positive regard promotes a healthy bond between parents and children thus make children realize that parents love them a lot and only point out what is bad for them.

  1. Forget Punishments, Give Rewards

Punishing can never alter or induce a behavior and instead turn child into a rebel. Avoid punishments as much as you can and try to give rewards for desirable behaviour then eventually kids will learn to differentiate between what they should do and what they should not by receiving rewards after desirable behaviours. Rewards will also motivate them to act smarter.