5 Steps System™ is a unique teaching approach applied by teachers at 5 Steps Math. It is a framework designed to achieve efficiency in teaching each and every individual student according to their own level and pace. It allows students to master Math in the fastest possible way.

MOE teachers. PhD in Math. 20 years of teaching experiance.

K2 to JC. 5 to 19 years old. 

22 Orchard Road, #01-01, 238885. Just opposite Dhouby Ghaut MRT, between McDonald’s house and MDIS.

We do not teach groups, it’s not effective.

We teach our students 1 to 1, individually in small groups, along with 5 Steps approach, MOE, IB, Cambridge or any other syllabus you need.

Students can bring along homework, difficult questions from their test papers, show us difficult parts from their textbooks or whatever they want us to explain.

Most of the time we practice the techniges of solving questions from past year papers.

Our students won gold medals in Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, finished school Math and successfully passed exams at the age of 9 (Singapore Record). With 5 Steps System™ students improve their school Math exams’ scores in the fastest possible way. It doesn’t matter how talented your child is and what is his level and pace, you will see the improvement just right after the first free trial lesson.
No addmission fee, no materials fee, no deposits, first lesson is free. Tuition fee is $40 per hour. Normally lessons last 1.5 or 2 hours.
Just walk in any day anytime 3pm to 8pm weekdays or 10am to 8pm weekends for a free trial. No need to make an appointment.