5 Steps System

We believe in personalised education. 5 Steps Learning is an accelerated learning laboratory under 5 Steps Academy, developing and fine-tuning its 5 Steps System™ for more than 15 years. Thousands of students benefited from it, substantially improving their test’s scores and strengthening their confidence.

In a nutshell, that’s how 5 Steps System™ works.

We assess each student’s unique learning style, level, pace, memory patterns etc. Then we adjust our teaching process to his/her individual needs to ensure he/she progresses in the fastest possible way.

NO GROUP TUITION.All kids are different and have different needs.

First, we improve the so-called “base-level” skills, like general model drawing skills in Math or structuring skills in composition, skills to overcome issues with carelessness etc, which influence students’ ability to solve questions of almost every type and lead to substantial improvement in a short period of time.  

Then we arrange the student’s gaps by priority: in the first place, we eliminate those gaps which have the highest “mark-increase-potential” / “time-to-master” ratio.

After that, it’s time to master all the key concepts and techniques. That’s where the 5 Steps System comes in.

In a few words, we teach several topics or skills at a time revising them by changing levels of difficulty. We teach each student 1 to 1 using our unique heuristics based approach in Math and Science and Core Languages Skills approach in English and Chinese.

And the most important part of 5 Steps System is how we revise. Students are not computers: you cannot just tick a topic or skill as done and mastered forever. We all forget but differently. 5 Steps System gives us the powerful and proven tools to arrange revision in the most effective individual way for every student thereby saving his/her precious time and efforts.

Along the way, we assess the students’ progress and refine his/her learning plan.

Normally, our goal is to prepare students to succeed in their tests, so we measure their progress using past year papers. However, we discuss students’ individual needs and goals with parents and adjust our teaching process accordingly.

In addition, we’ll advise you on how to support your child’s motivation en route for amazing results.