Numbers Are Our Friends: Make Math Interesting For Your Kid

It has been observed that children when starting primary schooling, enjoy every other subject but fear math as the formulas and rules of multiplication, division etc start jumbling up thus do not seem as much enjoyable as a simple English poem or an interesting science experiment. Numbers usually give anxiety to many children and this initial anxiety results in the later avoidance for this important subject, therefore, children only learn formulas to pass the paper and do not practice the subject in order to understand the formulas properly. So to eliminate the chances of this fear in your children, make them learn math since the day one and tell them that numbers are not difficult to handle. Here are some tips to help your kid being a mathematic magician.

  1. Make Learning Fun

You can easily make your child practice basic math at home by asking him to count different objects like furniture, pets in the area, utensils in the cupboard and once the child learns to count properly, take the routine a notch above and ask the kid to subtract, add, divide and multiply certain objects according to his class level however, don’t try to teach the kid all at once as it will exhaust the kid and he will start avoiding this game.  When the child learns to do basic formulas easily, start asking him a bit tricky questions like ‘2+2-1/4=?’

  1. Apply the Formulas in Daily Life

Another helpful way to boost the mathematical skills of child is that allow your child to handle the money and make him familiar with bills like ask the kid to calculate the tip and charges from the bill after eating out in a restaurant, cross-check the list of grocery items or calculate the price of items while shopping and the total money you have so that child will learn to play with numbers easily and apply the formulas in daily life.

  1. Play Mathematical Games

Search for the games that can help you to improve the mathematical skills of your child like chess, puzzles, scrabble and anything that involves numbers and counting. During the game ask the kid to calculate the score manually in order to strengthen his math learning and counting abilities.

  1. Clear the Concepts by Giving Real Life Examples

Remember that a child cannot learn as well from theory as he can from practical life.

When the child learns new concepts of math in the class like bigger than, lesser than, height, width, length, etc, try to clear these concepts by giving him practical examples like the bowl is bigger than the cup, length of the bed is greater than that of the sofa etc. Thus, follow these simple tricks and help your kid become friends with numbers.